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What Should I Be Eating?

As a dietitian, I hate nothing more than when I meet someone while I’m out and they immediately say, “Oh, you’re a dietitian. I could use you. What should I be eating?”

Since I’m not exactly on my game in that particular situation, I thought I’d share my ideas via this forum. Keep in mind: What […]

How Do I Avoid Weight Gain Over Pesach?



We’re just starting to get our bodies ready for summer and Boom, here comes Passover! How is one to pass over this holiday without putting on the pounds?

When faced with a large pile of matzo, one may respond with fear. Will this year’s Passover be similar to all other Passovers?

Four Questions

Does matzo have […]

Top 15 Diet Trends for 2015

2015 has been shaping up to be a year just like the last; especially with everyone once again resolving to get in shape. Before you click “Send” on that juice cleanse order, take a look at what nutritionists foresee to be the top diet trends for the year, and what I have to say […]

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It’s Summer: Who Wants to be Paleo?

Thinking about going on the paleo diet? Perhaps you’re still on the low-carb train that crashed Dr. Atkins into the morgue. Let’s take a journey back to life. Life 200,000 years ago.

The paleo diet is based on the premise that our bodies were not designed to digest food commonly found in today’s agriculturally-based diet. […]

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