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I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy and was ready to get back to my pre-baby weight ASAP. I quickly realized that being a new mom was leaving me sleep deprived, exhausted and craving sugar for a quick energy fix. I knew I needed a specialized plan to keep me on track. Jessica took a gentle approach with me. Because I was breastfeeding, Jessica made sure that I was eating enough of the right food groups and in the right balance. She suggested healthy snacks and easy recipes for mini meals to keep on hand. I also worked out with her at my apartment gym several times a week and kept a food log. In less than 5 months I was back to my pre-baby weight and feeling stronger and more confident than ever. Now to keep the weight off, thanks to Jessica’s advice, I carry trail mix or celery sticks with me while running errands so I won’t turn to fast food. Thank you, Jessica!

Jessica completely transformed my way of eating. I used to leave work starved after not eating all day and go right to the couch with my greasy take-out. Now Jessica has me eating every few hours during the day, and even arranged to have everything I need for the week delivered right to my office! I leave work feeling energized and go right to the gym for an hour before I go home. After that I don’t want to eat anything other than healthy food for dinner. I’m so grateful to Jess for her sticking by and believing in me until I was finally ready to make this change!

Jessica and I started working together over a year ago. I was over 250 pounds and unhappy but didn’t know how to change. I knew her through a friend but I was afraid to ask for help because I was embarrassed that I would fail. When I finally called and told her I was ready to lose weight she sat with me and listened while I told her about all the times I tried to diet in the past and had never been able to keep any weight off. She promised that his time it would be different. She started me off slow, with just a few changes to my diet, and took me walking in Central Park every day during my lunch hour. Weight started to come off immediately. When I moved away 5 months later I had already lost 40 pounds. I joined Weight Watchers in my new city and have lost and kept off 130 pounds!! Jessica still calls me every week since I moved to make sure I’m staying on track. She really changed my whole life.

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