How to Harangue the Holiday Heaviness – Part 2


The holidays are once again upon us, and if you haven’t already stuffed yourself with latkes, cookies, and turkeys, you can still be redeemed – or resurrected, I guess I should say. I know, I know, that’s more appropriate for the Easter/Passover blog.

And even if you have uncontrollably stuffed yourself you can still be […]

What Should I Be Eating?

As a dietitian, I hate nothing more than when I meet someone while I’m out and they immediately say, “Oh, you’re a dietitian. I could use you. What should I be eating?”

Since I’m not exactly on my game in that particular situation, I thought I’d share my ideas via this forum. Keep in mind: What […]

How to Stay Super Healthy During the Super Bowl

When you’re attending a super bowl party, you want to be a team player and try all the appetizing snacks. However, it can get overwhelming to navigate all the temptation on the field, so I’m going to lay out the legal plays and penalties for you.

Guacamole and chips
You need not forego this popular staple. […]

Top 10 Tips For a Nutritious Life

March is National Nutrition Month. In honor of this glorious month which also holds my birthday, I give you:

My Top Ten Tips for a Nutritious Life

1. Don’t follow diet trends. 
Trends are transient for a reason. They don’t promote long-term success.

2. Forego the fake. 
Substitutes just leave you longing for the real thing. I may eat Tasti […]

Juice Cleanses Are So Last Season

BluePrint. Master Cleanse. Organic Avenue.

Juice cleanses are popping up all over the place. And they all have one thing in common: They are produced for the company developing them to make money. They were not actually developed to “cleanse” you. First, cleanse you of what? No one knows. Not even Gwyneth Paltrow. And second, […]

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When Are You Due?: Getting on Track to a Bloat-Free You

Contrary to what you may have been told, avoiding apples and hitting the gym are not sufficient methods to get rid of bloat. Everyone has different triggers, and what may be bloating for you, may not be bloating for me. But perhaps more importantly, Who goes to the gym when they’re bloated? Squeezing into Lululemons […]

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Gluten-Free is NOT the New Black

Take it from someone who was wrongly diagnosed with celiac disease; gluten-free is no picnic. Especially since you can’t even have a picnic. Going gluten-free is by all means the way to go if you have celiac disease. In fact, if you don’t go gluten free, you can develop life-threatening autoimmune diseases later in […]

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